How does Reiki work?

Life force is flowing through us. Within our bodies it flows through pathways called Chakras, Meridians and Nadis, it also flows around us in our auric field.

Our cells and organs are nourished by this life force. If the flow of the force is blocked, it weakens the function of our organs and the interconnected systems in our bodies. Often over time our unconscious negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves become deeply embedded and the energies attach themselves to our energy field. This affects our ‘Ki’ and we can become unwell both physically and mentally.

During a session Reiki energy flows to those affected areas of our energy field, it infuses them with positive healing energy. This raises the frequency level or ‘octave’ of the energy field in and around the physical body where the dis-ease is dwelling. The flow of Reiki dissolves the negative energy.

Reiki heals our energy pathways, clearing the way so our ‘Ki’ flows naturally and happily.

Over all, after sessions people report feeling more uplifted, balanced and creative in their lives.

The Spiritual Nature of Reiki

Reiki is spiritual in nature and is not connected to any religion, but as the energy is guided by God consciousness, the Source of us all, many people do find that Reiki healing helps them feel connected to their religion in a deeper, more embodied way.

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