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 The Reiki Principles

Reiki Therapy is currently available at The Octave Space and we are open for sessions from Monday to Saturday, between the hours of 9am & 8pm.


Our fee for sessions is £65, this includes a full hour of healing. We also offer a discount if you choose to purchase a package of sessions.



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Reiki is a healing art which involves the laying of hands; its origins are ancient and the technique was lost and found numerous times during the rise and fall of civilisations. It was rediscovered and revived by Dr Mikao Usai, a Japanese Buddhist in the late 1800s.



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The word Reiki can best be described as ‘Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy’. Research into the esoteric meaning of the Japanese Kanji script for ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ has given us a deeper understanding. ‘Rei’ has been interpreted to mean Spiritual Consciousness – the wisdom that comes from God or Our Higher Selves. ‘Rei’ is all knowing. It knows and understands each one of us fully. It knows the cause of our dis-ease and how to heal them all.  The word ‘Ki’ in Reiki means life force in Japanese. Life force is flowing through us. In Chinese this is known as ‘Chi’, in Sanskrit it is ‘Prana’, and similar to the meaning of ‘Ruach’ in Hebrew.

All healers work with ‘Ki’

Reiki is a gentle and powerful pure form of healing and the energies are of a high frequency.  Treatments cleanse and purify us, as toxins are released from our bodies, along with feeling and thought patterns which no longer serve us.

Some of the benefits of having Reiki sessions are:

:: It balances the energy in our bodies,

:: Heals us holistically,

:: Increases our energy

:: Works on the causal level of dis-ease

:: Releases stress

:: Helps us release blocked or repressed emotions

:: Increases our creativity

:: Aids us in finding clarity and connecting with our authentic life purpose

Since Reiki was first given as a treatment it has aided and supported healing, as well as provided relief and comfort whilst enduring a vast array of illnesses and physical injuries ranging in severity. For example, it is often a soothing support for those experiencing Auto-Immune conditions, mental health difficulties, exhaustion, insomnia, migraines and fertility challenges. It can also be a therapeutic experience for people who are going through Cancer treatment. 

Reiki helps improve the effectiveness of all types of therapy and the results of medical treatment. It can help reduce negative side effects, reduce or eliminate pain and fill us with renewed positivity and feelings of well being. It is a support, not a replacement for medical treatment and we advise that it is always best to consult your GP or treatment specialist first, especially if you are unsure about whether to have Reiki sessions alongside your medical care.

Often people are drawn to Reiki healing during difficult changes or times of transition in their lives, it gently helps to guide us through. This may include travelling through seasons of spiritual challenge or transformation; Reiki can help raise our level of consciousness, opening our third eye and increasing our intuitive awareness, as well as enhancing our psychic abilities.

Reiki is also a gentle, calming treatment for you and your baby during pregnancy.

Reiki has its own intelligence, it knows precisely where to flow to in the body and what to do. The Practitioner does not direct the energy, the Reiki itself connects and communicates with the client’s Higher Self. It is guided by God- Consciousness and can never do harm. It knows just what you need at a given time.



If you are curious about how Reiki works click here


Consciously deciding to improve oneself is a necessary part of the Reiki healing experience, you are already doing this by searching and enquiring.

We will gladly answer any questions you have about the Reiki experience and process, at any stage.


We can advise, depending on your particular symptoms how many sessions may be required for treatment at a time.

Our practitioners also work with crystals to enhance Reiki sessions, if you would like them to be included.



To book an initial session please get in touch with us here

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