The Reiki Story : Lost & Found


It is thought that Reiki’s origins lead back to the time of Lemuria. It was then lost and intuitively reconnected with as a powerful ancient memory during the civilisation of Atlantis. It was lost once again.

In the late 1800s Dr Mikao Usai, guided by his compassion for the suffering of others, set out on a quest determined to learn the secret of healing. During his long search he studied the sacred writings of Tibetan Buddhists, within these he found a secret healing force and practice was mentioned, which sounded similar to Reiki. After discovering the healing formula he had a mystical experience on the holy mountain of Kori-Yama. During this he obtained the healing ability and was initiated in to the Reiki healing power. He went on to heal people throughout Japan and initiate Master teachers, one of whom was Dr Chujiro Hayashi. Before he died, Dr Usai had invited Dr Hayashi to accept the responsibility of taking care that Reiki was continuously passed on and not lost again.  Dr Hayashi accepted this calling and developed the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Thank you to Sandra Watson, The Reiki Master who taught and attuned me to the First Degree. Some of the information here is sourced from ‘The Usui System of Natural Healing First degree Manual’ © Sandra Watson: Reiki Master. Thank you to Adriana Kahrs, Reiki Master and Director of 'Heal' in Northwood, who hosted all the attunement workshops and initiated me to the Second Degree. She encouraged me through out my Reiki journey, whilst I apprenticed with her. Thank you to the Dr Usai and every Master in his lineage.

- Sara Karin Fisher

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